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    Sophisticated, easy-to-use consumer tool retrieves, reads OBD I and II codes for fast, accurate troubleshooting.

CLEVELAND, OH, October 2003 Automotive do-it-yourselfers locked out of the engine compartment as a result of on-board diagnostic systems now have the power to retrieve, read, interpret and erase OBD I and II trouble codes with the new SUPER AutoScanner from Actron Manufacturing Company. Actron is the world's leading manufacturer of diagnostic instruments for the DIY and professional markets.

A bold step forward in consumer diagnostics, Actron's SUPER AutoScanners (Part Nos. CP9145 and CP9150) can be used to quickly and easily retrieve and read diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and view live performance data on all OBD II-compliant passenger cars, light trucks and sport utility vehicles sold in the United States since 1996. This powerful new Scan Tool also is available with optional cables that allow the user to retrieve codes for 1984-95 Ford and General Motors and 1989-95 Chrysler applications. (Cables are included with the SUPER AutoScanner Kit CP9150)

The SUPER AutoScanner is the most sophisticated and user-friendly tool of its kind and will unlock the engine compartment for thousands of automotive do-it-yourselfers and enthusiasts. In addition to retrieving DTCs, the SUPER AutoScanner displays enhanced on-screen code definitions to ensure a faster, more accurate diagnosis. The new tool also allows the user to display and view live data, a key step in pinpointing engine, ignition, fuel system and emissions issues.

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    SUPER AutoScanner CP9145
    SUPER AutoScanner Kit CP9150
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