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  PocketScan® Plus
    CLEVELAND, OH, October 30, 2007 – Actron®, a leading manufacturer of automotive diagnostic tools, introduces PocketScan® Plus (CP9410), an OBDIIcode reader that eliminates guesswork about the severity of a problem when a
vehicle’s check engine light is illuminated. PocketScan Plus provides an immediate, on-screen recommendation, indicating how urgent the problem may be to the vehicle’s drivability.

“The new PocketScan Plus code reader identifies the problem code, but takes the next step of immediately advising how soon a vehicle should be repaired,” explained Shilpi Biswas, Director – Marketing & Product Development Aftermarket Diagnostic Group for Actron.

Depending upon the trouble code indicated, the PocketScan Plus displays the appropriate urgency indicator:
• Red (Urgent): Immediate repair must be done to prevent further vehicle damage.
• Orange (Caution): Repair within two days so no further damage will be done.
• Yellow (Attention): Repair within a few days (five days maximum).
• Green (Okay): No trouble codes present.

New PocketScan® Plus functions and features include: Auto-Link, which automatically links the vehicle computer when the code reader is connected to the vehicle port; a USB port for product updates; an enhanced, easy-to-read backlit display; an optional battery feature to retain and review information even if the reader is not connected to the vehicle; and access to an online information
database for additional information that lists the component(s) causing the problem, possible symptoms, and common causes related to trouble codes.

The PocketScan® Plus reads and displays diagnostic trouble codes to provide the reason the check engine light is on and can erase trouble codes as well as reset the check engine light. The PocketScan Plus also features TrueLink™, a proprietary technology that guarantees linking and communication to every OBD II compliant vehicle, which includes all 1996 and newer vehicles manufactured or sold within the U.S. The PocketScan Plus code reader displays emission and MIL (check engine light) status and provides a summary screen displaying the
number of codes found. The unit has an attached OBD II cable that can’t be misplaced and a quick reference bi-lingual (English/Spanish) manual.

“The PocketScan® Plus is a great addition to our family of tools to assist DIYers with diagnosing vehicle trouble,” Biswas said, “helping to mitigate engine damage, poor gas mileage, and performance problems.”
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