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Tool Recommender
Select the best answers to the following questions for a tool recommendation.
1.  Check the one that best describes your preferred use of a Check Engine Light code reader or scan tool (If ABS issues this tool is best for you):
I would like to know why my check engine light is on before taking my vehicle in for repair.
I would prefer to repair the vehicle myself, depending on the complexity of the problem.
I plan on repairing every problem on the vehicle myself.
2.  What vehicle coverage do you need?:
All 1996 and Newer (OBD II)
1995 and Older (OBD I) Domestic
Domestic OBD I & All OBD II
Asian OBD I
3.  What functions would you like the tool to perform:
Read and Erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (Diagnostic Trouble Codes Turn the Check Engine Light On) and tell me when my vehicle is ready for an emissions test
The above, plus I would like my tool to provide me with On-Screen Definitions of the Trouble Codes (Both English and Spanish Options) as well as internet updateability.
All of the above, plus I would like my tool to allow me to monitor my vehicle sensors as they run, to help pinpoint the problem areas (a.k.a. Live Data) and diagnose my vehicle.

Looking for Scan Tool / Code Reader functionality that is not included in the questions above? Be sure to fill out our Request Form. We may be able to help you out.
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