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CP5911 Drain Plug Pro™


U-Scan CP9599


Video Inspection Scope - CP7669


Advance Dial Decal 0001-000-2311


MST 4 BBK-100 0004-000-2066


Gauge Assembly 0031-000-0245


Gauge Assembly 0031-000-0246


Gauge Assembly 0031-000-0269


14 in. Hose 0032-000-0109


Hose with Fitting and Relief Valve 0032-000-0124


Inductive Cable w/Metal Pickup 0038-000-0691


Cable 0038-000-0726


Complete Leadset (w/plastic pickup) 0038-000-0897


Inductive Cable w/Plastic Pickup 0038-000-0901


Sensor Tester Adapter 0038-000-1643


Red Test Lead w/ Probe 0038-000-1748


Black Test Lead w/Probe 0038-000-1749


Japanese Veh Sensor/Module Adapter 0038-000-1836


Cigarette Lighter Adapter 0038-000-1908


Red and Black Test Leads 0038-000-1925


Complete Leadset (w/plastic pickup) 0038-000-1944


Blue Jumper Lead Assembly 0038-000-1956


Complete Leadset 0038-000-1969


Red and Black Test Leads 0038-000-1974


Battery Cable w/Red and Black Clips 0038-000-3060


0038-000-3256 Replacement Leads for CP7672


5mm x 20mm Fuse 0044-000-0108


10A 250V Ceramic Fuse 0044-000-0118


5mm x 20mm Fuse 0044-000-0119


5X20MM 0.315A 250V Glass Fuse 0044-000-0119


200MA 250V GLASS FUSE 0044-000-0121


Adapter Spring 0180-000-0293


Quick Disconnect Valve Body 0180-000-0772


10mm Adapter 0180-000-0893


12mm Adapter 0180-000-0894


14mm Long Reach Adapter 0180-000-0895


18mm Long Reach Adapter 0180-000-0896


Ford Fuel Line Adapter 0180-000-1280


Ford Schrader Valve Adapter 0180-000-1280


Banjo Bolt M12*1.5 0180-000-1296


Banjo Bolt M8*1.0 0180-000-1297


Banjo Bolt M12*1.25 0180-000-1298


Right Angle Large Schrader Adapter 0180-000-1299


TBI “T” fitting (for CP7817 only) 0180-000-1320


Valve Core 0180-000-1339


GM TBI Adapter 0180-000-1465


Clamp -1000-5062 0180-000-1468


Dual Manifold W/Schrader Connection 0180-000-1478


24 in. Hose 0400-000-0384


T Adapter 0400-000-0810


Tapered Adapter 0400-000-0819


Rubber Cone 0400-000-1255


2in x 0.25in ID Hose 0400-000-1301


Large Tapered Adapter 0400-000-1302


2in X.109in ID Hose 0400-000-1303


Suction Cup 0400-000-1304


Transfer Bottle 0400-000-1305


Transfer Lid 0400-000-1306


#1 Bleeder Adapter 0400-000-1307


#2 Bleeder Adapter 0400-000-1308


#3 Bleeder Adapter 0400-000-1309


Small Tapered Adapter 0400-000-1310


12in Vinyl Tube 0400-000-1311


24in Vinyl Tube 0400-000-1312


Tube Of Grease 0400-000-1313


Hose 1/4in x 2in 0400-000-2970


Hose 5/16in x 3in 0400-000-2971


Advance Adjustment Knob 0450-000-0181


Xenon Flash Tube 0600-000-0649


Load Switch 0700-000-0255


Carburetor Adapter 1000-000-1113


Vacuum Pump Rebuild Kit 1000-000-1626


O-Ring and Valve Core Kit 1000-000-2045


Back Probe Adapter 1000-000-3538


Actron "Take Charge!" Display - CP6207


Actron / Sunpro Display - CP6208


Inductive Timing Light CP7527


Advance Timing Light CP7528


Digital Timing Light CP7529


Dwell/Tach/Volt Analyzer CP7605


Battery/Alternator Tester CP7611


Battery Load Tester CP7612


130 amp Heavy-Duty Battery Load Tester CP7614


AutoAnalyzer CP7665


Digital Multitester CP7672


Digital Multitester CP7674


AutoTroubleShooter CP7677


Vacuum and Pressure Tester Kit CP7802


Vacuum & Pressure Tester Kit CP7803


A/C Manifold Gauge Set - CP7806


GM TBI Fuel Pressure Tester CP7817


Fuel Pressure Tester Kit CP7818


Stem Compression Kit CP7821


Compression Tester CP7826


Compression Tester Kit CP7827


Professional Compression Tester CP7828A


Hand Vacuum Pump CP7830


Vacuum Pump/Brake Bleed Kit CP7835


Professional Fuel Pressure Tester Kit CP7838


Brake Bleed Kit CP7840


Mini Circuit Tester CP7841


LED Circuit Tester CP7847


Pocket Electrical Tester CP7848


Analog Multimeter CP7849


Remote Starter Switch CP7853


Heavy-Duty Remote Starter CP7854


IR Thermometer Pro™ CP7876


GM Code Scanner CP9001


Ford Code Scanner CP9015


PocketScan Code Reader CP9125


GM OBD I ALDL Cable Kit w/Cig Lighter Adapter CP9127


Ford and Lincoln/Mercury OBD I EEC-IV Cable Kit w/Cig Lighter Adapter CP9128


Chrysler OBD I SCI Cable Kit w/Cig Lighter Adapter CP9129


Chrysler OBD I LH Cable CP9130


Ford OBD I MECS Cable w/Cig Lighter Adapter CP9131


CP9142 OBD II Replacement Cable


CP9143 OBD II Extender Cable


Soft Canvas Carrying Case CP9144


Soft Case for CP9145 and CP9185


Tool Update Cable: USB-A / Mini-B CP9183


Elite AutoScanner® CP9185


8 Foot OBDII Extender Cable - CP9186


Elite AutoScanner® Pro CP9190


PocketScan Plus CP9550


AutoScanner® CP9575


AutoScanner® Plus CP9580A


Fuel Pump Diagnotic Kit CP9920A


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