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  The family includes radio and antenna wrench/socket sets; a radio removal tool set; a one-man brake bleeder; a trim fastener and molding removal set; a door panel handle clip removal set; and a door panel and upholstery tool set.

The Radio and Antenna Socket Set (CP5022) removes most domestic and import radio antennas. The kit includes an antenna radio wrench, a Ford radio removal tool, and GM standard and tapered radio removal sockets – all in a molded case. A Euro Radio Removal Tool Set (CP5021) works on a variety of autos, including Ford, VW, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz.

Other antenna/radio wrench and socket sets are available from Actron as well. Each kit features tools that fit most antenna bezel nuts – domestic and foreign, are simple and compact, and are constructed with rugged steel for many years of use.

The One-Man Brake Bleeder (CP5101) removes air from the brake system, one wheel at a time, and eliminates the need for an assistant to help do the job.

Five distinctive tools comprise the Trim Panel Fastener and Molding Removal Set (CP5011). These tools facilitate easy removal of trim fasteners, molding, wheel hubs, etc. Tools are made of plastic to prevent damage to trim components. The Door Panel and Handle Clip Removal Set (CP5012) will handle all styles of clips and includes an upholstery-tucking tool. The small clip Door Panel and Upholstery Tool Set (CP5013) is ideal for removing trim, molding and emblems, as well as any small prying job.
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