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FAQ: PocketScan Code Reader CP9125
How do I know if my vehicle is OBD I or OBD II on-board diagnostics equipped?
What are DLCs?
What is the difference between OBD I and OBD II cars?
What is OBD?
What are DTCs?
What are Generic OBD II codes?
What are Enhanced OBD II codes?
Common Generic OBD II (P0) Codes
Common GM OBD II (P1) Enhanced Codes
Common Chrysler OBD II (P1) Enhanced Codes
Will the Actron Code Scanners and/or Scan Tools retrieve Anti-Lock Brake or Airbag codes?
Which Actron Code Scanners and/or Scan Tools work on 1994 & 1995 GM vehicles?
Do I need adapters for different vehicles?
What are I/M Monitors?
What is MIL Status?
What is the Erase Codes function?
What are PIDs?
Common Ford OBD II (P1) Enhanced Codes
What are Pending Codes?
  What are Generic OBD II codes?
  Generic OBD II Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) are those codes common to all compliant vehicles, regardless of make or model for European, Asian and domestic cars. A common set of Generic DTCs is what allows a code scanner like the Actron OBD II AutoScanner CP9135 or Scan Tool like the SUPER AutoScanner CP9145 to work on so many different vehicles.

Generic DTCs typically begin with ‘P0’ or ‘P2’ (‘P’ referring to Powertrain), followed by a 3-digit number (i.e., P0420 or P2420). These codes were originally designed to warn of faults that could cause the vehicle to emit excessive air pollution.

The PocketScan Code Reader CP9125, OBD II AutoScanner CP9135, SPANISH OBD II AutoScanner CP9138S and the SUPER AutoScanners CP9145 and CP9150 Kit will retrieve all the Generic Powertrain DTCs stored in the memory of your vehicle's engine computer. They will also clear all DTCs (including Enhanced DTCs) and turn off the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) also known as the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light.
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