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FAQ: GM Code Scanner CP9001
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  What are I/M Monitors?
  I/M (Inspection & Maintenance) Monitors test the operation of emission-related systems or components and detect out-of-range values. The vehicle may have to be operated under certain conditions to complete an I/M Monitor test. Currently, there are eleven I/M Monitors defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Not all monitors are supported by all vehicles.
These I/M Monitors are:

I/M MonitorDefinition
Fuel SysFuel System
ComprehensComprehensive Components
Heated CatHeated Catalyst
Evap SysEvaporative System
Sec AirSecondary AIR
A/C RefrigAir Conditioning Refrigerant
O2 SensorOxygen Sensor
HO2 SensorHeated Oxygen Sensor
EGR SysExhaust Gas Recirculation System

  • A monitor status of 'Ready' means that the required driving conditions for that monitor have been met and it passed.
  • A monitor status of 'Not Ready' means that the required driving conditions for that monitor have not been completed or it did not pass.
  • A monitor status of 'N/A' means that the vehicle does not support that monitor.

Several state emission check programs require all I/M Monitors to be in a status of Ready or N/A in order for the vehicle to pass. You can use Actron Code Scanners or Scan Tools to find out if your vehicle is ready before going to your state emission test.
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