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What is CAN?
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What are PIDs?
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What are Generic OBD II codes?
What are Freeze Frames?
Which Actron Code Scanners and/or Scan Tools work on 1994 & 1995 GM vehicles?
Common Chrysler OBD II (P1) Enhanced Codes
Common Ford OBD II (P1) Enhanced Codes
Common Generic OBD II (P0) Codes
Common GM OBD II (P1) Enhanced Codes
Do I need adapters for different vehicles?
How do I know if my vehicle is OBD I or OBD II on-board diagnostics equipped?
What are DLCs?
What are DTCs?
What are Enhanced OBD II codes?
What is OBD?
What is the difference between OBD I and OBD II cars?
What is the Erase Codes function?
  What are Freeze Frames?
  When an emission-related fault occurs, the on-board computer records certain vehicle conditions. This information is referred to as Freeze Frame data. The information is a “snapshot” of the operating conditions at the time of the fault. This data can be overwritten by faults with a higher priority.

The Actron SUPER AutoScanner CP9145 and SUPER AutoScanner Kit CP9150 can both view freeze frame data.
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